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Photography, visual resources and information about U.S. Presidents and leaders from around the world.

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You may also like to utilize our research or photographic services to add more images for your program. We provide historical images - either in black & white or handtinted, as well as modern color.

What We Are Building

We are building a digital archive of "exhibit ready" photography and images related to US Presidents and World Leaders and compiling relevant links, reference information, and narratives. Our intent is for this to be the most comprehensive resource of its type available.

Digital Mastering Process

Our images been digitally mastered at high resolution from their original vintage prints or from reproductions obtained from public domain resources such as Presidential libraries. Our process restores the image to maximize its visual qualities, removing defects, correcting color and contrast problems, and enhancing the communication qualities of the images without in any manner disturbing the historical value of the content. This enables to offer the best quality output for your projects regardless of the size that you may require.
We also preserve the caption information as available and research relevant facts and narratives that would assist in the development of the content for exhibition of publication.
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Source Materials

Our content has been compiled from public domain resources and though our acquisition program. Content is digital mastered in our San Francisco studios in manner that enables high-quality display and publishing applications by our clients.
Original digital files are not for sale, but they may be licensed for your use. In some cases, original vintage materials are available for sale as shown on this site. In some cases, content may be restricted by copyright from certain uses. You are responsible for investigating any issues as related to copyright that may pertain to your use of the materials.
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Ronald Reagan confers with the Pope during which he insists that the Pope declare the Soviet Union an Evil Empire

"The Big Three" as they were dubbed, Rosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, meeting here at Yalta, 1945

Lyndon Baines Johnson in VietNam decorating solider with Presidential Medal

Washington Arrives to his Triumphant troops at Cambridge

President Truman gives medal of honor to wounded soldier at the White House after the Korean War

Washingotn DC 1976 Hand-tinted photo © Bennett Hall

President Bush greets H. Norman Schwarzkopf upon his return from the Gulf War I, Desert Storm in 1980

Richard Nixon presented with cake replica of the White House at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles

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